Rule book: PDF

A multiplayer card game leveraging luck, skill and a bit of psychological manipulation. Poor man’s mash-up of Poker, Bridge and Blackjack. Played using a standard deck, with a playtime of 25-40 minutes depending on the number of players and the extent of psychological antics.

The base idea for a circular board was formed around the same time as Strongholds, but the project was on a back-burner for a couple of months due to exams and work getting in the way. It’s now finished and is very different to what I imagined the game to be initially (there were some ideas about “shooting” odd-numbered in an inner ring using even-numbered ones in an outer ring). The end result is a more fast-paced and less count-y card game!

Still ironing out the rules due to lack of play-testing, but we’re working on it!