Dimension 2559344

How is this number calculated?

The number is obtained through a random number generator, setting it between 1,000,000 and 9,999,999.
Then it is reversed (ex: 9478666 become 6668749) and a random number is found between the original and the reversed number.
This process is repeated 2 more times (so it is reversed a total of 3 times) to increase the randomness.
Finally, this number is selected to be this dimension's index number.

The process of selecting this dimension's number went as follows:
4355868, 8685534, 7272440, 0442727, 5813291, 1923185, 2559344

Why would this number change?

When this number is selected, a large number of random operations are performed to get the index number.
When jumping dimensions, chances are, one of the random events would give a different outcome, even if it's by one digit.
Furthermore, it is often theorized, that the larger the dimensional jump, the more offset there is in the random numbers being generated at a single point.

Why is this number so long?

This number needs to be of a certain length, in order to be able to detect minute changes in dimensions.
This can be explained with simple maths. The chances of picking a single 3 digit number (100-999) are 1/900 (0.11%) while the chances of picking a 7 digit number (1,000,000-9,999,999) are 1/9,000,000(0.000011%) which is 10,000 times less likely to happen.
While this system is obviously imperfect, I believe any number larger would be difficult to remember when jumping, but for those interested, there is a 12-digit index
here, having only a 1.1e-10% chance of being picked in a single dimension.

What do I do if the number changed?

First and foremost, give yourself a pat on the back - you've done something scientifically impossible as of the time of creation of this website.
Secondly, it would be cool of you to post it on this dimension's subreddit, dedicated entirely to dimension jumping.
Thirdly, go and observe the changes - hopefully they will be for the better and remember to document your experience.

Is this number an absolute indicator of this dimension?

No, the number is only relevant on this website and should only be compared to the index found in a parallel dimension's website.
Chances are, the number might not change, but the dimension will, that is a side effect of the infinite dimensions giving rise to an infinite amount of dimensions with the same number.
On the other hand, if this number does change for you, it is a clear indication that you did in fact jump dimensions.

How can one jump dimensions?

There are a number of sources that aid with dimension jumping, collected in the dimension jumping subreddit here.
In case the post is deleted, here is a back-up, hosted locally.

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